En 1984 MTV hizo una especie de junket con varios músicos entre los cuales, Freddie Mercury destacó por su presencia y sus polémicas respuestas.

Al ser cuestionado acerca de “¿Cuál era su mayor motivación?”, Freddie dijo con toda confianza y tranquilidad:

“El dinero, por supuesto”.

Mientras que para muchos esto haría completo sentido, para el club de fans de Freddie que liberó el video y comenzó a compartirlo, fue una gigantesca decepción en sus corazones ya que durante todas sus vidas, consideraron a Freddie como un artista que absolutamente todo lo que hacía, lo hacía por amor al arte.

¿Y qué opinamos nosotros?

Que la realidad detrás de sus respuestas no es tan exagerada como algunos creen. Tiene un punto válido y una cierta razón dentro de su cinismo. Sin embargo, eso se lo dejaremos a ustedes para juzgar:

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💥Freddie's Honest & Witty Answers: "Money"💥 . Interviewer: What do you think has kept the band together…for so many years? . Freddie: Money! 👉(I love how Fred already knows what his answer's gonna be before the interviewer has even finished his question 😁 That naughty look in his eyes and mischievous smile on his face as he looks and nods at the man with a cup in his hands all cool and collected like a BOSS 😎 Like he's hearing an old joke for the 100th time and he's just waiting to add his punchline 👊 And his side smile…too damn gorgeous to handle 🔥❤🔥 . Intwr: That doesn't seem to be the motivating force for many other bands. (👉Oh you fool!) . Fred: Oh we love the money. If they say that they don't like the money they're talking out of their ass. 😎 👉(Damn right! It's so satisfying to hear such honest truthful answers & see Freddie put the man in his place. And the way he says "ass" with that attitude…so sassy I wanna die 🔥😩🔥 . F: To be honest I'm sure Brian would say "in the end we want to be respected as musicians.". 👉(I love how he subtly points to the self-righteous, respectable & cliched "talk" common among musicians such as his own babdmate when he knows it's business for them more than anything. Oh Freddie if only you knew how time and money would unmask those "respected musicians"…but it seems like you already knew 😉 . F: I don't want to change people's lives by the music. I just want people, after I finished, to say "Queen were a band that came out with good music and people enjoyed their music and had fun." 👉(Words of wisdom…and you and your music still make us happy all the time. And darling you really DID change our lives more than you realize.👏❤) . F: And I certainly don't wanna give up now. I have nothing else to do. 😁 👉(He might as well add "I'm not a very good housewife" 😂 I love him and the face he makes) . 👉P.S. I wish I could see the intrvr's face during all this…expecting to have a routine interview receiving the same old formulaic answers everyone gives him but Freddie Mercury is no ordinary man and he plays by nobody's rules except his own 😏❤👑 . 🎥 @MTVnews 1984 . #FreddieMercury #honesty

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