Porter Roxy Theatre Santa Fe 2015

It’s impossible to talk about Mexican independent music from our time without mentioning Porter. In the early 2000’s, this band was the single most important phenomenon of their generation. With their 7 song EP Donde Los Ponys Pastan, they conquered the hearts and ears of the Mexican youth that had no idols of its own. The band peaked with the release of its first LP which got them to play Coachella and tour through Mexico’s most important festivals and venues. Unfortunately, they split up as fast as they came to be, transforming the name Porter into a legend of the biggest band of its time, a story with an abrupt ending that left us wanting more and more.

The masterminds behind Coachella have a new festival and you need to be there

After an outstanding return to the Mexican scene, Goldenvoice, Santa Fe and LifeBoxset present Porter at Roxy Theatre. With their acclaimed LP Moctezuma, the band has toured non-stop through Mexico and some of the most important indie festivals like Viva Pomona!. More than just a show, Porter’s live act is a ritual, an amazing performance that’ll elevate your mind and spirit.

And they’re not coming alone. On July 10th you’ll also be able to be delighted by the heart-warming music of Colombian outfit Elsa y Elmar who are about to release their new album Rey. A one-of-a-time opportunity to witness some of the most exciting music coming from Latin America live.

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Porter @ Roxy Theatre

Porter: “Huitzil”

Elsa y Elmar: “Exploradora”

Vía Santa Fe.