Teen Flirt

Finesse Records founder Teen Flirt is leading a new generation of underground Mexican electronica into worldwide recognition. His music, production and even aesthetic are on fleek and even though his work is on the same path that global trends, there’s a struggle to standout when you and your local scene don’t see eye to eye. All difficulties left aside, Teen Flirt has managed to keep innovating with top-notch singles, mind blowing rarities and beats with dreamy vibes perfect for fading out. We met up with him in Mexico City to talk about his past, present and future and this is what he told us.

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LifeBoxset: How was your label Finesse Records born?

Teen Flirt: Finesse is a a collective I started with Ezekiel. After a while he went his own way after finding success with some European labels. We’re producers that gather around to drink some, smoke some and make music. We all play different roles in the label. Someone takes care of design, someother does A&R… it’s a self-sufficient model. People come and go and all we ask is that if you want some promo for your music you’ll help us out in some other way with your talent. We’re like an online community center with no office.

I don’t physically know 50% of the people in Finesse. Sometimes I hear someone on Soundcloud and chase him like a beautiful girl or sometimes I cath them live without knowing them and ask them to be a part of this. There are no contracts, it’s all about curation.

Our motto is “Keep It Weird”, we want your B-Sides, not your hits

L: What do people from other countries listen to Finesse’s releases and find out you’re Mexican?

T: There’s a similar effect of what happens with Teen Flirt. People tend to recommend me my own music. They’re like… “Check out what these dudes from Finesse are putting out”. The problem with both Finesse and Teen Flirt is that they’re geographically based in non-existent platforms. But that’s Ok, ‘cause we’re children of the Internet, children of nothing. We were born with the upgrade from 56 kbps Internet connections.

But I distanced myself from the idea of being somthing like Soulection a long time ago. In the end, Finesse Records is all about curation. People usted to ask me if my label was like Soulection or labels like that and in the end I always say yes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of those labels, but if people digged a little deeper they’d notice that our first release happened 2 years before Soulection even existed. I’m not asking for credit, I’m just asking for people to get their facts straight.”

L: What’s the perfect vibe or moment for your releases?

T: Finesse’s releases in general end up being good pre main act or after party music. The parties we throw start at 1:00 A.M. so people can go to the club, listen to the house they love and then chill with our music. I’ll do anything in my power so no one comes and asks us for a song. I’ll put in 200% so you don’t come to our party and do that. A good gig is when no one came up and asked for a different song. For me, it’s like trying to make something sacred out of a meeting of people who aren’t invested in the music.

I’m from Monterrey. My ideal night is for all my friends but one to go out partying and leave us drinking and producing.

L: What are your current goals and projects with Teen Flirt?

T: I love to work with other people but I’ve been struggling with that. I love current technology so much… a couple of CDJ’s and a Push controller or something similar open a very wide universe for you. It’s hard to make a match with other people because I’m going full speed and just can’t stop.

For me a good show is like having an orgasm. I feel satisfied. There was a weeklong foreplay with yourself and that’s what I love the most about putting on a live act.

I’ve been doing small loops and selling beats. I neet to put more focus on myself. I got bored a bit, but that’s part of the essence. Just 2 weeks ago I fell in love with the project again. That’s what Finesse is all about. There’s nothing to do in Monterrey but play. And that’s what I want, for it to be a synonym of experimentation not hits.

L: What’s your take on all that’s happening with the Mexican electronic underground scene?

T: What I like about our underground scene is that we’re all connected. I hang with the guys from N.A.A.F.I. at least once a week and I’m in constant communication with every other label out there. I love this people and even though we not always see eye to eye on things, we stand side by side because we know we’re not in a comfortable place and we’re together in that.